Hi there, my name is Franz Gerald Wimmer (fgwim). I am a passionate photographer. For me phtotography is not only documentation and taking memorable pictures. In my opinion photography can do much more. Photography can unveil the essential of subjects and their relations to each other. This is valid for any kind of art and is the main task of it. The results should be achieved by free playing and exploring. The artist acts more like a scientist who makes hidden laws appearing.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University in Vienna and Photography at the “Prager Fotoschule”.

Since 1992 member of the “Fotografische Gesellschaft Oberösterreich”.

Since 1995 head of the “Fotoclub Riedau/Zell an der Pram”.

There is a statement of Rudolf Steiner (founder of anthroposophy) which points out the essentials of any artistic work:

“The basis of artistic creation is not what is, but what might be; not the real, but the possible. Artists create according to the same principles as nature, but they apply them to individual entities, while nature, to use a Goethean expression, thinks nothing of individual things. She is always building and destroying, because she wants to achieve perfection, not in the individual thing, but in the whole.”

I highly recommend the book “Das Wesen der Farben” (The essence of colors). It will bring new aspects to those whose minds are open.

Finally one useful hint from old Goethe:

Think about “WHAT”

More think about “HOW”